Our mission

Our supports and programs reduce the impact of disability and/or mental health on family. We hope that by doing this the families and young people living with disability and/or mental health in our communities feel supported.

What we do

Through our services we make efforts to support the youth and the families living with disabilities and/or mental health disorders. By doing this;

We challenge young people to define their own self concept and self esteem.

Empower families to plan, problem-solve and make decisions about their family.

Build community capacity to support the needs of these families.


What we offer

For young people:

 Support groups, retreats, camps and other self defining programs.


For families we offer: 

Membership - advice on available specialist services and options for financial support.

Family support - personalised information and planning services.


As a part of the community we:

Identify gaps or shortfalls in existing supports and attract available resources.

Visualise possible support options.

Realise concepts for supports.