What is My Space?


A community based, not-for-profit entity in Cairns, focusing on the needs of young people and the families living with disability and/or mental health disorders.

We are a group of people who understand the usual challenges of family life. We work and live in the area, and we share common values in being community minded.

Through our various lines of work, we have learned about the impact of disability and/or mental health disorders. We know this can affect young people and their families in a multitude of ways, and we know there are many gaps in supports and services in our community. 

We identify as being a community response for these young people and their families. We analyse core issues behind common needs and re-frame problems into solutions.



To find out more about our organisations values and vision, follow the link below. 

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How you can help

To find out how you can help us come closer to completing our mission, follow the link below.

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